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Carretera de Tafalla, s/n. 31350 Peralta (Navarra)
Tfno.: 948 750 458 Fax: 948 750 773
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  TAFAME is a firm devoted to manufacture metal components as a result of metal sheets transformation.

TAFAME’s modern installations are located in Peralta, Navarra (Spain). They include a production plant of 8,000 m2 and a logistic plant of 5,000 m2. Both of them are equipped with advanced high technology production machinery.

TAFAME has also all the necessary departments to develop properly high-quality processes.

A wide experience in the treatment of metal sheet, in the use of first quality raw materials iron, galvanized iron, aluminium and stainless steel sheets of different thickness and the adaptability to our customers needs, has made possible our company to become a leader firm even in the fabrication of electrical cabinets.

TAFAME bases its success on a close relationship with customer, characterized by:

  • Quality:
    Capability to provide our customers, who are leaders in their respective fields, with the quality required.
  • Costs:
    Being competitive into the national and international market.
  • Latest Technology:
    Leading edge technology for metal sheets transformation.
  • Quick answer:
    To our customers needs.
  • Capacity:
    To supply any metal component needs at any time.
  • Close collaboration:
    With our customers throughout development and quality improvement processes of our products.

The capability of setting up our own products is a TAFAME added value. Among our clients one can find the major companies who work in areas such as wind power energy, electricity supply, elevator and vending.

This company has received a subsidy from the Government of Navarra under the 2019 call for investment aid in industrial SMEs.